vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Marocco, through familiar eyes

Sometimes a driver is so much more than just the person who brings you from one spot to the other. We had that lucky experience in Marocco with Said Selman. Landed in Marrakech we felt a little bit ‘unknown’, but picked up by Said in the white Kangoo, things changed in another perspective. Nearly two weeks he was not only our driver, but also our guide, personal host and even very soon: friend.

The tours in the car were so much more than the trip from A to B. Those gave also interesting inside information about Marocco. Said gave answers on all our questions, and he took away all our wondering about a culture which is so different from what we are used to back home, in Holland. Mostly seriously, but also with a tasty dosis of humour, like the meaning of ‘Ouarzazate’ ;-)

It felt a bit like we were just ‘the three of us’ on holiday. Mostly because Said did not hesitate to take us to the secret spots of the real Marocco, and so we saw much more than the superficial touch from most tourists.

It sounds maybe strange that one can be homesick to a ‘far country’, but that is possible! Because Said gave us the chance to see his homeland through his eyes, and to feel Marocco through his heart. That special welcome makes us sad to go, but with adding that one letter ‘i’ it explains the feeling we will think back with: ‘said’, which means: happy!

Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendship, Said. This made our wonderful time in Marocco much more than just some holiday. We will always remember. Why? Well, the best answer on that question you know: why not?

Dick en Linda van Pelt

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